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About Bill

Candidate for the US House of Representatives, Florida's 8th District 

                 ***Bill Stinson***

Ph.D. Research Work (Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Physics), University of Central Florida, 2012-2014
MS (Engineering Management,... Project Management, Program Management), Florida Institute of Technology, 1993
MS (Mechanical Engineering), University of Central Florida, 1991
BS with Honors (Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering), University of Florida, 1988
Maynard Evans High School, 1982

Biographical Highlights:
* Over 20 years of Federal Government Service with NASA
* Owns a US Patent (#9,041,239) for a Renewable Energy wind turbine design
* Donated a kidney to his brother

Platform Highlights:
* Let's take control of our Indian River Lagoon! Millions of tax payer dollars have been spent on our national estuaries including our Indian River Lagoon yet the problem has gotten worse. We can and will attack this issue at the root cause and bring our beautiful ecology back to its natural state while improving our local economy at the same time!

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