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Dysfunctional Congress - the current two party establishment in a turf war, and we are the casualties. See further details below.

New Research Agency Focus - discussions in the Indian River Lagoon Council Science, Technology, Engineering & Modeling Advisory Committee meeting led to thoughts for a new research agency similar to DARPA for environmental technology specifically focused on the health of our water systems: ARPA-W (Advanced Research Projects Agency - Water).

Indian River Lagoon - in dramatic state of decline since 2011 - Big Sugar spends substantial funds to both major parties to control policy (see - why can't these funds be used towards reparation of our decimated ecosystem? I'm willing to use my Congressional salary towards Indian River Lagoon efforts and make restoration a priority.

Term Limits in Congress - signed a petition for term limits in Congress - our government should be focused on the best interests of the people not about power positions held for decades - once powerful people build their networks and name recognition they lock in their personal views for the long term and the public's best interests are forgotten.

Coalition to Reduce Spending - signed a Reject the Debt pledge where I only vote for new spending if it is offset elsewhere in the budget and vote for budget which specify a path to balance - this is only common sense regarding financial responsibility.

Renewable Energy - the only future path to sustainability is to transition to renewable energy - I have a US Patent for a renewable energy wind turbine design and will donate all royalties to expansion of renewable, free energy to the public.

Mobilization of Incremental Tax Exemption - signed this pledge an innovative initiative to reduce taxes and incrementally increase tax exemptions over time across all income ranges. Small government helps maintain focus on priorities and minimize waste. This initiative helps to achieve that goal while stimulating free market economy and expanding the job market. Less money allocated to taxes stimulates more hiring and more employees paying into taxes and so stabilizing reduction in government, increasing efficiency of government, and increasing the free market economy simultaneously. 

Congress is currently divided and dysfunctional

Please review the animated depiction below outlining the current state of divisiveness in Congress. Notice how the bipartisan lines have become extinct in recent years. This trend will only worsen no matter who is elected President - regardless of whether we have a Trump or a Clinton administration we will be alienating the other half! We should not continue the bitter infighting that is attenuating the strength of our nation. There is common ground between the factions that is in the best interests of the people - I'm No Party Affiliation (NPA), and I strive to seek this common ground so we can band together.

Committee to Elect Bill Stinson
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